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OnWheel supports providing standard types of reports based on the needs of different Partners. Each type of report will provide different metrics and data to help customers track performance and uncover important insights.

Main Dashboard

The overview report provides basic information on the number of successful - failed orders :

  • Just select the date range and click the export data button: image.jpeg

Total completed Stop-points image.jpeg

Total failed Stop-points image.jpeg

Total completed Orders image.jpeg

Total Request image.jpeg

  • Order completed completed_order
  • Order created requests
  • Order accepted accepted_order

Orders completed by day - Completed Orders image.jpeg

  • Total fee total_fee
  • Total order total_order
  • Total drop-off points total_dropoff

Acceptance Rate & Fulfillment Rate (%) image.jpeg

Active Driver & Productivity image.jpeg

  • Number of active drivers active_driver
  • Driver's average performance productivity

Acceptance Rate & Fulfillment Rate by Block Hour (%) image.jpeg

Reasons For Cancelling Requests image.jpeg

Order Tracking

Purpose: Helping customers track orders pushed through AhaMove (SaaS and public service)

Report allows searching based on:

  • Order creator phone number (recipient_phone)
  • Customer code (ID), internal order tracking code (tracking_number), status, driver's phone number
  • Time period to retrieve (start_date/ end_date)
  • Partner name
  • City

Results returned up to the last 3 times. Orders are arrangednumbered in descending chronological order. image.jpeg

Driver's performance

Purpose: Support customers to calculate the Activatd drivers of Partner (only Partners' internal drivers; AhaMove drivers are not included)

Customers can search by :

  • Time period to retrieve (start_date/ end_date)
  • Đối tượng : Object: internal driver of Partner


See more details about these two types of reports HERE

In addition, the Onwheel analysis team supports other customized reports for partners such as :

Internal Service Performance

Data updated in real time (NOW) Driver online online image.jpeg

Driver busy busy image.jpeg

Orders are being assigned assigning image.jpeg

Data displayed by selected time (BY TIMERANGE) Total number of drop-off points created request image.jpeg

Number of delivered points delivered image.jpeg

Active driver active image.jpeg

Acceptance rate acceptance_rate image.jpeg

Orders created, orders delivered, acceptance rate image.jpeg

  • Delivery points created request_stp
  • Delivery points accepted accepted_stp
  • Delivery points completed completed_stp
  • Acceptance rate acceptance_rate

Number of requests, rate of acceptance , the driver operates according to the time frames image.jpeg

  • Total number of requests total_request
  • Number of active drivers active_driver
  • Acceptance rate acceptance_rate

Acceptance time - Delivery time image.jpeg

  • Average time to accept order accept_time
  • Average delivery time when accepting lead_time
  • Average delivery time after accepted lead_time_after_accept
  • Average distance distance

Cancel reason image.jpeg

Failed delivery reason image.jpeg

Number of active drivers active_driver image.jpeg

And report types related to Delivery rate of points by region / district; Number of trips with under 5 star rating; Delivery rate by branch, …etc

SaaS report


Support SaaS service reports :

  • Total number of transactions done
  • Number of drivers by region city_id ( activated -deactivated- suspended)
  • Number of transactions by user user_id

Other report


Select the period from the start date to the end date, select the day/week/month view to view the column charts image.jpeg

The data can be viewed in this report :

  • Orders are created count(tracking_number)- total delivery point.
  • Orders are accepted count(min_accept_time)- total number of delivery points received.
  • Order has been successfully delivered count(min_stop_complete_time)- total number of successful delivery points.
  • Total distance of orders created sum(distance).
  • Average number of orders created avg(distance).

Orders created, accepted and completed image.jpeg

  • Orders are created count(tracking_number)
  • Orders are accepted count(min_accept_time)
  • Order has been successfully delivered count(min_stop_complete_time)
  • Rate of orders accepted / created
  • Rate of orders successfully delivered / created

Orders created, canceled image.jpeg

  • Rate of successful orders for the first time sum(success_1st_time)/count(tracking_number)
  • Time average delivery extract(epoch from avg(leadtime))/60/60

Number of orders and leadtime correct rate image.jpeg

  • Order successfully delivered count(min_stop_complete_time)
  • Order on time count(case when extract(epoch from (leadtime))/60/60 <= 2 then id end)
  • On-time/successful order rate

Orders and leadtime delay rate image.jpeg

  • Order successfully delivered count(min_stop_complete_time)
  • Late order count(case when extract(epoch from (leadtime))/60/60 >2 then id end)
  • Rate of orders being late / successfully delivered