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Driver App

Driver-only application for partners using SaaS software

Application download information

The trial version (for test environment) can be downloaded via the following link : OnWheel Driver App ( supports Android devices )

Download APK file here.

Download the app now on Playstore and Appstore (for production environment): image.jpeg

OnWheel Driver App - Android

OnWheel Driver App - iOS

Create a new account

After downloading the application, the user logs in and performs the following step : image.jpeg

  • Enter the following information to register an account: Full name - Phone number - Email - Referral code (if any) image.jpeg
  • Log in and take pictures of relevant documents and personal information according to the instructions on the app. image.jpeg

Note : Information about relatives is optional, users can skip these fields to complete registration.

After successful account registration, please contact the partner to activate the account.

**In case the user has already registered for an Ahamove driver account and now wants to switch back to the in-house team (internal to the partner).

Please perform the following procedure:

Contact Ahamove hotline 1900545411 and notice that you stop cooperating with Ahamove application and switch to running onwheel service and need support to lock your account and cancel the service

After you have locked your Ahamove account, the Ahamove team will support you to install the new service again.

Order fulfillment process

  1. Sign in

    Log in with the registered phone number and enter the OTP

  2. Switch ONLINE mode

    Switch to online mode to start accepting orders

  3. New orders will be displayed on the Home page. Select the appropriate order and click accept.

    Each display order includes information :

    • Service type: Partner's name

    • Pickup/Drop-off address

    • Distance

    • Shipping amount received

    • COD

  4. Delivery and receiving shipping fee

Make a delivery. The driver will receive the shipping fee from the sender/receiver or via the account. To receive the order, the driver must be assigned a partner's internal service.


🗂 Please see details on how to receive orders in the slide Instructions for receiving orders