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What services does Ahamove have?- Bike service: Delivery by motorbike, including many types of services (Bike, Express, 2H, 4H) with short delivery times, transporting small sized goods
- Truck service: Delivery by truck, including many types of vehicles (Truck, Van, Pickup Truck, Tricycle) with many different load levels (500kg, 1000kg, 1500kg, 2000kg)
For more details about shipping fee of each type of services, see details at Ahamove service Price List
Is there a page to track and manage orders?Partner use the Partner Portal STG for Staging environment and Partner Portal PROD for Production environment to manage and track orders created using API. To log in to the website, partners contact Ahamove to be granted permission for the login account
How to update test order status?- Step 1: Partner will need to download AhaDriver STG app (Only support for Android)
- Step 2: Partner register account and contact Ahamove staff to verify account
- Step 3: Create new order have pickup location within 1km from the driver app location
- Step 4: Log in to the app, go Online, find the correct order ID and accept the order (or using Partner Portal STG, view order details and assign the order to the driver's phone number)
- Step 5: Follow the instructions in the driver app and update the order status


How long does it take for a Partner's token to expire?In Production environments, the token will be expired after 1 year. But Ahamove highly recommend that the Partner automatically get the token back if the error is Not authorized or Token not found
Why do I get a 401 Not authorized error when calling the Register Account API?The Not authorized error will appear when calling the Register Account API in the following cases:
- Phone number has not registered account on Ahamove system. Users need to register for an Ahamove account before getting tokens
- The phone number has not been assigned to the correct partner corresponding to the API Key by Ahamove. Users contact Ahamove's staffs for support
- When a user create an order through the POS platform, the user's phone number is not linked to the POS on See detailed instructions on how to link HERE
Is the price field in the items field multiplied by the product quantity?The price of the products in the items list will be the total price after multiplying by the number of products. This price will not affect the shipping cost of the order
What is COD is not valid, INVALID_MAX_COD error?The error COD is not valid will occur when the user's account has not been verified COD
If partner encounter the above error, partner can contact Ahamove's BD staff for support
How to get only list of motorbike or truck services?To get a separate list of only delivery services by motorbike or truck, the user adds a param to the Get List Of Service API as follows:
- For motorbike service, add param delivery_type=INSTANT
- For truck service, add param delivery_type=TRUCK


Are the prices when Estimate Fee and when Create Order always the same?There will be 2 cases of price difference when Estimate Fee and when Create Order
- Case 1: If the user completes Estimate Fee and Creates Order immediately afterward, there will be no price difference between the two times.
- Case 2: If the time the user Estimate Fee and Create Order are separated by a period of time, then at the time of Create Order the price will be different compared to the time of Estimate Fee. This difference depends on factors such as bad weather, rush hour, holidays,...
Is there an additional fee for orders with high COD?Each type of service will have a COD fee, users can check the fee_description_vi_vn field in the service details when Get List Of Service
For example: For BIKE service, there will be charging milestones as follows
- COD < 2 million: free
- COD >= 2 million: 0.8% x COD value
This cod fee is shown in the cod_commission_fee field in the response when the user Estimate Order Fee or Create Order
Does the COD amount in the order include shipping fees?- If payment_method=CASH_BY_RECIPIENT, meaning the recipient directly pays the shipping fee, the COD in the order will not include the shipping fee. COD at this time is just the value of goods that the shipper needs to collect from the receiver
- If the partner uses the partner's own price list to apply to orders and the partner will pay the shipping fee back to Ahamove (payment_method=CASH/BALANCE), then COD will now be the total price of the goods and shipping fee are calculated according to partner's own fee set
How long does the dispatch system wait before returning "Auto cancel, no driver accepted"?In each environment (Staging/Production) and each type of service, there is a different waiting period before returning auto cancel. Partner can check field timeout in the response body when creating order
Ex: In Staging environment, if service_id is SGN-BIKE and no driver accepts the order in 10 minutes (600s), the order status will change to CANCELLED with cancel comment as "Auto cancel, no driver accepted"
Can an order with IDLE status be broadcast earlier?No, partner cannot broadcast an IDLE order earlier than the scheduled time. Partnee must cancel your IDLE order and create new instant order


For any questions and feedback, you can send us an email at Ahamove will get back to you as soon as possible to assist you through the integration process