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Do I need a driver account to start testing in Satging/UAT environment?

Yes, you will need to download AhaDriver STG app (Only support for Android) and login to update order status when you create order through API. You can check the callback return when you update status in app


How long does it take for a Partner's token to expire?

In Production environments, the token will be expired after 1 year. But Ahamove highly recommend that the Partner automatically get the token back if the error is NOT_AUTHORIZED or TOKEN_NOT_FOUND


Does the Ahamove API and Ahamove app return different time and price estimates?

Sometimes there will be a price difference if you estimate order fee through our API and check the fee in Ahamove app/web at 2 different times. Ahamove has times when it will multiply the shipping fee, depending on the ratio of the number of orders and the drivers at the same time or peaks hour and bad weather

How long does the dispatch system wait before returning "Auto cancel, no driver accepted"?

In each environment (Staging/Production) and each type of service, there is a different waiting period before returning auto cancel. You can check field timeout in the response body when creating order

Ex: In Staging environment, if service_id is SGN-BIKE and no driver accepts the order in 10 minutes (600s), the order status will change to CANCELLED with cancel comment as "Auto cancel, no driver accepted"

"order_id": "22A2V8J2"
"service_id": "SGN-BIKE",
"timeout": 600,

Can an order with IDLE status be broadcast earlier?

No, you cannot broadcast an IDLE order earlier than the scheduled time. You must cancel your IDLE order and create new instant order


For any questions and feedback, you can send us an email at Ahamove will get back to you as soon as possible to assist you through the integration process