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Ahamove API’s functions

  • Get the token: You register for a partner account and Ahamove uses API_KEY to generate tokens to allow access to the API
  • Get master data to detect the cities list and services list
  • Estimate distance and price: Easy to use the API to check the shipping fee and distance before creating an order
  • Create order: Use generated token to create a new order through Create Order API
  • Cancel order: If you want to cancel an order (before IN PROCESS status), use this Cancel Order API
  • Callback order status: Users need to provide a Webhook URL, and the authentication method (if needed) to receive updated events from Ahamove

API Key & Partner Portal

API Keys are used to authenticate your application and control its access to the Ahamove API

Partner Portal supports partner to manage:

  • Order details
  • Order history
  • Employee
  • Webhook information

How to get an API_KEY?

You can register a new developer key at Integration Form

After submitting the form, Ahamove will send you an API Key for development and a Partner portal account via email


Ahamove provides two environments to integrate with the API_KEY base on the URL for all of the requests detailed in this documentation is:

Sandbox/Staging Environment

  • Host
  • Partner portal

Production Environment

  • Host
  • Partner portal

For POST methods in both environments, you need to use URL-encoded