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Payment Flow

Shipping fee payment flow

Ahamove has 2 methods for booking payment using API:

  • Cash: Pay by Sender / Pay by Recipient
  • Non-Cash: Pay by Ahamove User with two methods: Prepaid / Postpaid

payment flow

Cash Flow


Driver will collect Seller/Sender the total shipping fee

Cash by recipient

This payment method only applicable for orders with 1 drop-off point

  • Driver will collect Receiver the total shipping fee

Non-Cash flow

  1. Seller/Sender has to top up to Ahamove user account
  2. When Seller/Sender creates an order, shipping fees will be deducted from the balance account
  1. Ahamove will pay shipping fee for driver
  2. Ahamove and Seller start the reconciliation process in the first 7 days of the next month. After that, Seller pays the total fees as stipulated in the contract

Conditions for using the postpaid payment method: Please contact the Business Development staff

Discount on total shipping fee

General formula for total fee:

    Total fee = Total shipping fee - Promotion discount value

Promotion discount value has 2 types:

  • When Ahamove launches a promotion, Ahamove will subsidy for this promotion's discount value
  • When Seller has some promotional codes for their customers, Seller will contact Ahamove to create a discount scheme and get a promotion code. Seller will pay total promo discount fees to Ahamove when the reconciliation process starts at the beginning of the following month

Cash on Delivery (COD) flow

COD flow

Cash in Advance

  1. Ahamove Driver will advance COD to Seller/Sender at the time they collect the package at the pickup location
  2. When driver delivery goods to drop-off point, driver will collect the advanced COD from Receiver

Payment on Delivery

  1. When having an order, driver will delivery goods and collect COD from receiver
  2. The COD amount is then deposited into the account of Ahamove
  3. Ahamove will start the reconciliation process and COD payment to Seller’s account through bank transfer

To register for Payment on Delivery method, please contact the Business Development staff