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OnWheel Modules



  • Propose suitable types of vehicles based on the vehicle load and cargo weight
  • Utilize optimization algorithms for route optimization (VRP, TSP By-group, PDVRP)
  • Automatically calculate transportation fees
  • Optimize vehicle trips during deliveries
  • Calculate transportation distances and estimate delivery times


  • List the created order details
  • Actively assign orders to drivers or allow drivers to self-assign based on operational rules
  • Automatically transfer orders to 3PLs


  • Manage order lists, statuses, and delivery operation times
  • Track the driver's location
  • Support delivery-related utilities
    • GPS
    • Cargo insurance
    • Payment processing
    • SMS/ZNS messaging
  • Support in-app embedding feature


  • Manage COD value, surcharge, vehicle and various E-Document
  • Monitor feedback from customers
  • Manage return cases
  • Track delivery evidence (POP/POD/POF)