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Onboarding Process


Consultation and Request Reception Stage

  1. Onwheel staff demonstrates the software to customers.
  2. Onwheel records customer feedback, requests, and provides initial solution consultations.
  3. Setting up accounts and services in the Staging environment (STG).

Experience Stage

  1. Customers experience basic features.
  2. Onwheel receives customer enhancement requests.
  3. Onwheel provides solutions, assesses feasibility, estimates feature completion time, and provides advance pricing for finalized options.
  4. Onwheel proceeds to build new features or enhancements on the STG environment after agreement with the customer.
  5. Customers experience all features (basic and enhanced) over a period of 2-3 weeks.

Deployment Preparation Stage

  1. Customers and Onwheel agree on actual operational features.
  2. Customers provide the golive timeline.
  3. Onwheel executes the contract process and signs a partnership agreement with the customer.
  4. Onwheel creates accounts, services, and deploys features to the Production environment (PROD).

Production Stage

  1. Customers thoroughly test all features in the Production environment before actual operation.
  2. Onwheel collaborates with customers to configure accounts and provides training for relevant departments.
  3. Customers starts golive operations.
  4. Onwheel monitors, receives, and resolves any arising error cases (if any).
  5. Onwheel supports customers during the service usage process.