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AI Assistant

Tips to make better use of virtual assistants

1. Who is Aha Mây?

Aha Mây is a virtual assistant developed by Ahamove's Data team, built based on OpenAI's GPT 3.5. The name Aha Mây comes from Aha Mate, meaning Ahamove will be your soulmate who always accompanies you. The difference between Aha Mây and traditional chatbots is that Aha Mây can use natural language for Q&A and is always active 24/24 - Always Moving, Together!

A little secret is that Aha Mây's avatar is also an artificial intelligence product created by Ahamove!


2. How do I use a virtual assistant?

You can use the virtual assistant Aha Mây by accessing it here. Aha Mây assistant will appear in the lower right corner, as shown:


3. What content can Aha Mây virtual assistant answer?

Aha Mây will help you answer questions related to the Onwheel and Ahamove API. Your questions will be answered by Aha Mây in Vietnamese.

4. Is Aha Mây virtual assistant paid?

Aiming to improve user experience and support anytime, anywhere, virtual assistant Aha Mây will help you answer questions about the Onwheel as well as Ahamove API, certainly without paying.

5. How can I make better use of virtual assistants?

  1. Ask clear questions: When you ask questions, provide specific and clear information so the virtual assistant can understand and answer accurately.

  2. Be patient and detailed. If the virtual assistant does not understand or needs more information, be patient and provide more details so the virtual assistant can help you better. Do not use acronyms to avoid the virtual assistant easily misunderstanding what you mean.

  3. Use keywords: Use keywords so the virtual assistant can understand your request.

  4. In addition to the answer to your question, Aha Mây also returns a document link where the answer is quoted. You can click on the link to see more details if you feel Aha Mây's answer is not enough!

6. How can you help Aha Mây become better?

You can give us your satisfaction or dissatisfaction about “Aha Mây” through the 👍/👎 icon and add comments on the chatbot's answers.

With the desire to provide the best support and save you time during the testing process, Ahamove is happy and looks forward to receiving your contributions or feedback to further improve the chatbot function.