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Tracking Page

For each tracking page, there is currently a display of the Ahamove service banner. Onwheel supports the feature of changing this banner interface to a custom banner for customers, aiming to enhance the user experience when using the service.

If customers are interested in using this advanced feature, please contact the Onwheel team for consultation.

Changing the Banner Interface

Customers need to provide Onwheel with the banner image. The standard size for the banner is 1200x440.



Interaction with the Banner

In addition to changing the banner image, users can interact with the customer's banner to access the customer's website or tracking page.

Customers need to provide Onwheel with one of the following information options according to their needs:

  • Customer's website link
  • Customer's tracking page link: Onwheel can assist in adjusting this link to dynamically change based on the Order ID. This allows users to click on the banner and be directed to the specific tracking page for that order on the customer's system.
asimov_tracking_page asimov_sample